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May 2017

image: Mature pussy juice masturbation instruction

Video: jerk4me: 5-22-17

Bald Pussy & Dildos JOI: My cunt is horny & I need to watch you jack off Mister! Sliding these dildos all over my bald pussy - until you squirt me with cum!!
(video length 10:08)

image: Ass fucking cumshot

Video: cumshots: 5-22-17

Kinky Pulled Back Cumshot: I pull his big cock all the way back, then suck & lick until cum shoots me in the mouth! His cum's so good! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:05)

image: Mature taboo roleplay by

Video: my movies: 5-19-17

MF - Lick, Fuck, Creampie: Johnny climbs into my bed while I'm naked!! It's not enough that I let him lick my cunt - that bastard penetrates me too!!
(video length 11:45)

image: Mature wife bouncing around naked.

Video: jerk4me: 5-16-17

Bounce, Shake, Jiggle JOI: Jack off while I shimmy & wiggle every part of my womanly body for you! Shoot your hot cum on my bouncing body Mister!!
(video length 8:22)

image: Mature wife deep dangling her black heels

Video: strange: 5-14-17

Dangling Black Heels: Deep dangling in some of my sexiest black heels - while bragging about having the highest arches on the entire world wide web!
(video length 9:15)

image: Hot pink toes and foot pussy footjob

Video: fetish: 5-11-17

Hot Pink Footjob: Naked, horny & waiting for Boo's big cock! After fucking him with my toes & arches, he squirts cum all over my naked little body!
(video length 9:21)

image: Mature Stacie fucking dick and swallowing cum

Video: my movies: 5-9-17

Quickie Fuck & Cum Swallow: After my intense orgasm Boo fucks my sensitive cunt doggystyle! He shoots cums in my mouth (mostly) & I swallow his load!
(video length 5:18)

image: Mature wife orgasming while masturbating

Video: my movies: 5-7-17

Hard - Loud - Intense Orgasm:
My cunt would like to thank Boo's magic man hands & my trusty vibrating Rabbit for this fucking awesome orgasm!
(video length 10:44)

image: Mature wife fucks vacuum cleaner

Photos: 5-5-17

The Vacuum: I'm incredibly horny - so what's a wife to do? I fuck my vacuum cleaner! It sucks me off like nothing else & always makes my cunt cum so hard!
(60 picture set)

image: Mature wife with hot pink toes in suntan pantyhose plays with her pussy.

Video: jerk4me: 5-3-17

Hot Pink Toes & Pantyhose: Get your dick out & jack off for my hot pink toes - now stroke for my suntan pantyhose! Point your cock at my toes & shoot cum for me!!
(video length 9:37)

image: Mature Stacie gets anal creampie with DP

Video: my movies: 5-1-17

Dildos & Dick - Anal Creampie: I fuck my butt & pussy, then Boo fucks my butt & pussy! He shoots cum deep in my asshole & I push it out for an extra hot anal creampie!
(video length 7:39)

April 2017

image: Unicorn of porn wifecrazy butt plug joi

Video: jerk4me: 4-28-17

Unicorn Butt Plug JOI: I'm the REAL unicorn of porn! Stroke your cock while I show off my magical, mythical tail - this one of a kind creature wants your cum!!
(video length 9:16)

image: Hot pink nails mature handjob

Video: fetish: 4-25-17

Hot Pink Handjob: Feeling sexy in my hot pink nails, pretty pink lips & slutty pink outfit! Stroking & tugging Boo's cock until he shoots cum all over my nipple!
(video length 8:21)

image: Mature pussy licking and cock riding

Video: my movies: 4-23-17

Lick & Fuck My Cunt - Creampie: Boo licks & fingers my horny cunt, then I hop on his cock & ride! I bounce around until he shoots cum deep inside! Drip, Drip, Drip...
(video length 9:15)

image: Mature womanly armpits joi

Video: jerk4me: 4-20-17

Armpit Admiration JOI: This time they're closer, smoother & sexier than ever! Jack off while you stare at my womanly armpits - now squirt me with your cum!!
(video length 9:03)

image: Ass fucking cumshot

Video: cumshots: 4-20-17

Back in the Butt Cumshot: I barely sit down on his cock when he declares he's gonna cum! After he squirts I hop back on & keep fucking! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:07)

image: Mature blowjob lipstick fetish

Video: my movies: 4-18-17

Lipstick Fetish Pulled Back BJ:
Pulling Boo's flexible cock back as far as possible & sucking his cock off while wearing four sexy shades of lipstick!
(video length 12:11)

image: Kinky mature Stacie vacuums her cunt

Video: strange fetish: 4-15-17

Sucking My Clit Off?!?: I should be cleaning the house, but I end up sucking the hell out of my clit with my powerful vacuum - until I have an incredible orgasm!!
(video length 13:15)

image: Mature cruel footjob

Video: fetish: 4-13-17

Almost Cruel Footjob: Stepping down & roughing up Boo's big cock outside on our patio - until he squirts a restricted cumshot for me! Then I wiggle my toes in it!
(video length 10:27)

image: Blackmailed mature ant

Video: my movies: 4-11-17

AF - Blackmailing Stacie: I accidently text him a naughty picture & this little fuck threatens to post it on the internet - if I don't give in to his demands!
(video length 15:17)

image: Shiny thigh highs on long legs joi

Video: jerk4me: 4-8-17

Long Shiny Legs JOI: Got these just for you Mister - shiny thigh highs on my long sexy legs! Stroke your cock, fondle your balls & squirt me with your cum!!
(video length 8:16)

image: Over shoulder footjob cumshot

Video: cumshots: 4-8-17

Foot Friction Cumshot: I throw my legs over Boo's shoulders & stroke his cock with my amazing feet - until cum shoots out! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:07)

image: Mature legjob in shiny black thigh highs

Video: fetish: 4-6-17

Shiny Stockings Legjob: Boo just can't resist my long skinny legs in these shiny stockings! I squeeze hard as he fucks - until he shoots cum all over my legs!
(video length 7:47)

image: Tight rings around dick handjob

Video: fetish: 4-4-17

Ring His Cock Handjob: Three tight rings around Boo's cock while I pull, twist & fondle - until I finally coax every drop of cum from his restricted balls!
(video length 14:17)

image: Mature butt fucking and anal creampie

Video: my movies: 4-1-17

Butt Fuck Creampie: Wearing only my cute new red shoes - Boo fucks my butthole hard & fills me up with cum! Then I push out every drop...with gross surprises!
(video length 12:40)

March 2017

image: Mature taboo blowjob and facial

Video: my movies: 3-29-17

MF - Fellatio + Facial: I have a feeling my date tonight will lead to fellatio, but it's been a long time - so I practice on Johnny's cock to regain my confidence!
(video length 13:36)

image: Mature Stacie pussy pleasure

Video: my movies: 3-27-17

Pleasing My Pussy: Horny & all alone... Whatever will I do? After warming up for a while, I finish strong with my powerful plug-in pussy pleaser! I orgasm hard!!!
(video length 14:04)

image: Close ups of mature tits and armpits

Video: strange fetish: 3-24-17

Tits & Armpits Up Close: Getting extremely up close & personal with all my lady parts that you don't see often enough! You're so close you can almost taste me!!
(video length 7:33)

image: Mature Stacie in 69 and fucking

Video: my movies: 3-22-17

69 + Fucking: Cock sucking, pussy licking & hardcore fucking - all in one delicious clip! Boo fucks me good & shoots cum on pussy! Then my pussy eats his cum!
(video length 9:16)

image: Tiny tits and big nipples joi

Video: jerk4me: 3-20-17

Tiny Titty Torture JOI: Just how much can my tiny tits take? Pull out your cock & let's find out together! Jack off like this & cum on my big tortured nipples!!
(video length 8:58)

image: Best ball massaging handjob

Video: fetish: 3-18-17

Cock & Ball Massaging HJ: We're home now & I need Boo's cum! I strip naked & stroke his cock while massaging his balls - until he shoots cum like crazy!
(video length 9:00)

image: Stacie orgasms while driving on the freeway

Video: my movies: 3-17-17

Orgasm on the Freeway: Too horny when we left the house - so I came prepared to cum! As Boo drives on the freeway, I play with my cunt & orgasm hard!!
(video length 14:58)

image: Stacie goes retro in garter and stockings

Photos: 3-15-17

Retro Mother: Feeling so super sexy in my pin-up style lingerie! Stripping down slowly to my hot MILF garter & stockings - then spreading my cunt for you!
(57 picture set)

image: Blowjob wearing eye glasses

Video: my movies: 3-13-17

Five Pairs of Glasses Blowjob: Changing in & out of all my glasses, while sucking Boo's cock! Then he shoots cum in my mouth & I blow bubbles! Of course I swallow!
(video length 15:15)

image: Butt smelling jerk off instruction clip

Video: jerk4me: 3-11-17

Smell My Cunt & Butt: Stroke your cock while I spread my cunt & butt! Take a deep whiff - give me your tongue! Shoot your cum while I sit on your face!!
(video length 9:53)

image: Nylon soles and anal sex with cumshot on feet

Video: my movies: 3-8-17

Dick Suck + Butt Fuck in Nylon: I warm up my tight little butthole & suck Boo's big cock! Then he fucks my butt & shoots cum on my nude nylon soles!!
(video length 9:18)

image: High arch veiny feet dangling

Video: strange fetish: 3-6-17

Incredible Arches + Veins: Can't get enough of my extreme arches & bulging veins? How about the dangling of my sexy clear heels! You know what I want from you!
(video length 8:05)

image: sexy glasses joi

Video: jerk4me: 3-4-17

Sexy Glasses JOI: You look so good & I get so excited when you stroke your cock for me! Do you always make passes at girls who wear glasses? Cum for me!
(video length 7:49)

image: Mature french pedicure toe job

Video: fetish: 3-2-17

French Pedi Toejob: I wrap my pretty, french-pedi toes around the head of Boo's cock & stroke - until cum spurts out over & over! Hot cum on my feet makes me smile!!
(video length 8:13)

February 2017

image: Bulging veins in hands and feet joi

Video: jerk4me: 2-28-17

Bulging Veins - Hands & Feet: Pull out your cock & jerk off for my incredible bulging veins! They're tied off & popping out hard just for you - shoot me with cum!
(video length 8:25)

image: Mature Stacie sucks cock in the car

Video: my movies: 2-25-17

Car Cock Sucking: After my intense orgasm I need to suck cock! Boo's so excited it doesn't take long to suck all the cum from his full balls - you know I swallow!
(video length 5:10)

image: Mature Stacie masturbating in the car

Video: my movies: 2-24-17

Orgasm in the Car: Horny as fuck while we're out running errands - so I pull out my magic wand & take care of my pussy! I don't care who's driving by & might see!
(video length 8:59)

image: Suntan pantyhose jerk off instruction

Video: jerk4me: 2-21-17

Hot Ass Pantyhose JOI: All my sexiest lady parts - feet, legs, ass & cunt - covered in suntan pantyhose! I truly love watching you jack off so stroke & give me cum!!
(video length 8:19)

image: Cum shot on beautiful skinny naked wife

Video: cumshots: 2-21-17

Beautiful Body Cumshot: He fucks her horny pussy & pulls out, then she strokes - until cum shoots her incredibly beautiful body! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:08)

image: Bulging blue veins handjob

Video: strange fetish: 2-19-17

Big Blue Bulging Veins HJ: Extra tight arm bands make my giant blue veins bulge like never before! I stroke Boo's cock until cum shoots out like crazy!!
(video length 7:20)

image: Mature Stacie cumming and fucking

Video: my movies: 2-16-17

Wanna Cum & Wanna Fuck: First Boo makes me cum so hard with my favorite new plug in, then he fucks me good & shoots cum all over my ass, thigh & leg!!
(video length 14:46)

image: Wife fucks huge pink dildo on valentines day

Photos: 2-14-17

My Sexy Valentine!: Please be mine! You make me feel so sexy & I LOVE thinking about you while I fuck my pussy! You know I always want the gift of your cum...
(73 picture set)

image: Hot mature fucks 2 dildos

Video: jerk4me: 2-12-17

Be My Valentine Lover: Thank you for my sexy gifts lover! Now give me what I really want - stroke your cock like this & cum in my tight little cunt hole!!
(video length 8:58)

image: Best friends mom footjob

Video: fetish: 2-9-17

Mrs R's Unexpected FJ: James sneaks in while I'm resting & takes advantage of my womanly feet! Pretty shocking - but I really like it so I finish him off!
(video length 8:55)

image: Jack off for your best friend's wife

Video: jerk4me: 2-7-17

Best Friend's Wife JOI: There's nothing wrong with what we're doing - it's not cheating & he never has to know! Stroke your cock & shoot cum in my pussy hole!
(video length 9:03)

image: Mature cock riding and big creampie

Video: my movies: 2-5-17

Teasing + Riding + Big Creampie: I attack Boo's cock with my hands, mouth, tits & feet! Then I ride him & collect his cum in my cunt for your viewing pleasure!!
(video length 9:44)

image: Stacie orgasms with electric rabbit

Video: my movies: 2-3-17

Alone with the Rabbit: All alone & horny as fuck! Perfect time to try out my new plug in Rabbit Vibrator! OMG - this thing made me cum SO hard - HIGHLY recommended!
(video length 15:04)

image: CFNM cock worship from cum hungry MILF

Video: fetish: 2-1-17

CFNM Cock Worship: I REALLY cannot resist Boo's big beautiful cock! Kissing, licking, sucking & stroking - until a nice thick cumload shoots out onto my sexy jeans!
(video length 12:00)

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