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Febuary 2020

image: Stacie gets butt fucked

Video: My Movies: 2-22-20

Anal Fucking Porno:
Time to make a porno and I need some anal attention! Boo sticks his fingers and tongue in my tight little butthole, then he shoves his big cock deep inside! I hold the Zumio on my clit and cum so hard while he's fucking my ass! I love making porn!!
(video length 10:34)

image: Wife dangling her heels with her tits out

Strange Fetish: 2-20-19

Deep, Dirty Dangles:
Showing off my perfect arches in my gorgeous new shoes! Crossing legs, pussy flashing and tits hanging while my sexy heels dangle from my feet! Go ahead and play with your nice cock for me!
(video length 11:02)

image: Sexy wife in glasses gives a hand and foot job in keds

Fetish: 2-17-20

Licking Cum Off Ked - HJ + FJ:
In your favorite shoes stroking Boo's cock with my hands and feet - I even suck on his cock some! My Keds on his cock feels so good and he shoots cum all over my sexy MILF shoe! Then I lick it all up!!
(video length 18:15)

image: Valentine's Day 2020 playmate

Video: My Photos: 2-14-20

Happy Valentine's Day:
A sexy gift for all my online lovers! Thank you for all the love and support over the past 20 years! For my main man Boo, I love you so much and thank you for the best life a woman could ever want!
(picture set: 61)

image: Aunt Stacie gets fucked and shows off a nice creampie pussy

Video: My Movies: 2-12-20

AF - Helpful Fuck + Creampie:
I've got a date with a younger guy tonight and because he's about Billy's age, I ask for some advice! He's more than happy to help me prepare! First we choose an outfit, then we fuck and he fills my cunt with cum! I really hope my sister never finds out!!
(video length 15:45)

image: Work out wife instructs you how to jack off

Jerk Off Instruction: 2-10-20

Make it Last - Cum in My Keds:
Pay extra attention to my instructions - this will take longer than usual! Stroke your cock for me and keep going slow! Play with your balls and speed it up! Now cum in my fancy Ked and on my pussy too please!
(video length 15:59)

image: Mature wife in pantyhose sucks and fucks

Video: My Movies: 2-6-20

Show & Tell - Suck & Fuck:
In my sexy dress, pantyhose and heels while showing Boo how I fucked my cunt yesterday! Sucking his cock like crazy and masturbating until I cum so hard! Then he fucks me and cums all over! This was way more fun than going solo yesterday!!
(video length 18:55)

image: Stroke your cock and watch Stacie cum with her butt plug in

Jerk Off Instruction: 2-4-20

Butt Plug Orgasm:
Plugging up my tight little butthole while vibrating my horny cunt! I want us to share an orgasm together, so jack off for me and shoot me with your cum please!
(video length 14:34)

image: Hot wife strokes huge cock out side

Fetish: 2-1-20

Stroking Cock Outside:
Pretty in pink and horny for cum! I massage Boo's cock and balls in the backyard, while finger banging my cunt a little too!! I stroke and rub until a big cum load shoots out!
(video length 11:29)

January 2020

image: Jerk off on my sexy milf feet

Jerk Off Instruction: 1-28-20

Arches and Soles for Foot Pervert:
I love that my feet get your cock rock hard and I really want you to jack off for me! Stroke just like this while you watch my amazing feet! Give me cum Foot Pervert!
(video length 10:16)

image: Totaly naked wife sucks dick like crazy

Video: My Movies: 1-24-20

Naked Blowjob in High Tops:
So many requests for this lately! Totally naked in my Chuck Taylors and sucking on Boo's nice big cock - until he shoots a huge cumload on my cum hungry tongue!
(video length 8:42)

image: Wifecrazy footjob

Fetish: 1-21-20

Ass Show Footjob:
After working Boo's cock over with my talented feet forwards and backwards, I hop on top and fuck him briefly! He loves the view and shoots cum on all the best places!
(video length 10:00)

image: Wifecrazy nipple JOI

Jerk Off Instruction: 1-18-20

My Big Horny Nipples JOI:
While I play with my large nipples and bounce my tiny tits, stroke your nice cock for me! You're making my nipples so hard and my pussy so horny - cum on me please!
(video length 10:52)

image: Mother gets fucked hard is her ass when father is away

Video: My Movies: 1-14-20

MF - Butt Fucking Creampie:
Johnny's reaction to my new hair cut really upsets me and there's only one way he can make it better! After licking my cunt like a good boy, he fucks my butthole deep and fills me with cum! It's so dirty and wrong but it feels so fucking good!!
(video length 18:44)

image: Wifecrazy armpit fucking

Strange Fetish: 1-12-19

Armpit Fucking Request:
Extra kinky cock stroking fun! Boo fucks my sexy oily armpit while it's open wide and closed tight! It really tickles when he slides his cock in and out! He fucks my armpit good and shoots cum like crazy!!
(video length 8:58)

image: Jerk your cock while I suck my clit

Jerk Off Instruction: 1-9-20

Clit Sucker JOI:
Stroke your cock while I try out this gift you sent me! The intense vibrations on my clitoris make me cum so fucking hard, long and loud!! Give me cum...
Thank you for the orgasm Ian!
(video length 14:27)

image: Naked mature housewife gets fucked hard

Video: My Movies: 1-7-20

Deep Dick Fuck:
Boo gives me his dick nice and deep, exactly how I love it! Feels so good sliding in and out of my horny pussy! He fucks me hard and cums all over my cunt!
(video length 5:23)

image: Wife strokes cock and eats cum off the table

Fetish: 1-4-20

Want to Eat Your Cum - HJ:
Just wanna stroke Boo's fine dick and make his cock shoot cum! But mostly wanna slurp up his tasty cumload, play with it in my mouth, then swallow down every drop!!
(video length 14:59)

image: Stacie needs to cum

Video: My Movies: 1-2-20

Finger Fucking Fun:
After all the pussy play and queefing, I really need an orgasm! Boo lovingly fingers my horny cunt hole until I cum! And it feels so fucking good that I cum again!!
(video length 8:40)

December 2019

image: Sexy skinny wife is forced to Queef on video

Strange Fetish: 12-30-19

The Queef Video:
Queefing is simply the release of air that has been trapped inside a vagina. Why does Boo have so much fun forcing air into my cunt and hearing me queef? I don't mind, as long as he continues fingering my hole!!
(video length 12:21)

image: Stacie gets naked for Christmas

Pictures: 12-26-19

Christmas 2019:
'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, the only thing stirring was my candy cunt cumming! Such an awesome orgasm!! Merry XXX-mas to you!
(photo set: 62)

image: A handjob for Christmas -

Fetish: 12-22-19

Naughty & Nice HJ:
You've been very bad this year and now it's time to face the consequences! You won't be fucking my mouth or pussy and you're lucky I'm stroking your cock off with my hands! Yes, I will let you cum...
Merry Fucking Xmas!!
(video length 12:34)

image: Jerk for Stacie christmas time stress relief

Jerk Off Instruction: 12-19-19

Xmas Stress Relief:
Everyone's away shopping - let's relieve some holiday stress together! Stroke your cock while I fuck my candy cane dildo! Now shoot your cum right in my cunt hole!!
(video length 9:52)

image: Wife demonstrates a pulled back blow job

Video: My Movies: 12-16-19

Backwards Cock Sucking:
My signature move! Pulling back Boo's cock in the kinkiest way, then licking and sucking until cum shoots out! Since his cumload didn't squirt into my mouth, I lick it up off the floor! I'm such a dirty wife...
(video length 10:20)

image: Stacie shows off her incredible naked body in heels

Jerk Off Instruction: 12-13-19

Standing Veiny Feet:
Candy heels, blue pumps, bare feet and popping veins just for you, my favorite Foot Pervert! Show your appreciation by stroking your cock and shooting cum in my heels!
(video length 11:50)

image: Wife rides husband untill orgasm

Video: My Movies: 12-11-19

Hard Riding Orgasm:
First I suck Boo's cock while using my Zumio - it really gets my cunt so horny and wet! Then I ride him hard until I have an incredible orgasm and his cock shoots cum!!
(video length 11:43)

image: Jerk your cock off into my hair jerkboy

Jerk Off Instruction: 12-8-19

Condition My Curls with Cum:
Jack off for my gorgeous curly hair Jerkboy! I'll require lots of your cum to conditon and make my curls bouncy! Stroke your cock and shoot your cumload in my hair!!
(video length 10:15)

image: Sexy wife Stacie gives footjob while fucking her cunt

Video: Fetish: 12-5-19

Footjob + Pussy Pleasure:
Stroking with my fabulous feet while fucking my horny cunt! Hard, deep dildoing in time with my graceful dick dance - until I get cum! Then I collect the cumshot on my toes and lick, suck and eat it off!!
(video length 12:16)

image: Neighbor fucks hot housewife in the ass

Video: My Movies: 12-2-19

Friendly Neighbor Anal Sex:
I really need help so I ask my cute new neighbor to come over! He helps me with the table and then shoves his big cock in my tight little asshole! He fucks me hard in my butt and cums deep inside!
(video length 17:58)

November 2019

image: Stacie warming her ass up for anal with a black dildo

Jerk Off Instruction: 11-30-19

My Tight Butthole:
I'll be getting ass fucked soon - please help warm me up! Jack off while I stretch out my tight little butthole! Stroke your cock hard and shoot cum deep inside me...
(video length 12:18)

image: Milf gives a kinky handjob

Fetish: 11-27-19

Oh So Kinky Handjob:
Cock rings, dildo ball, vibrator and LOTS of lube all add up to one hot stroking session! Even with all the restriction on his cock and balls, Boo shoots a nice big cumload!!
(video length 16:08)

image: Fucking her bent over the kitchen table

Video: My Movies: 11-24-19

Fucking After Orgasm:
After my dildos and vibrators make me cum hard - I need real cock!!! Boo slides into my wet horny cunt and fucks me so good! Then he shoots cum on my ass! There really is nothing like the real thing baby!
(video length 7:22)

image: Stacie cums hard with all her toys

Video: My Movies: 11-21-19

Cunt Fucking - Hard Orgasm:
I need to cum! Fucking my horny cunt wearing sexy candy heels and then white shorty socks! Several dildos and crazy pussy vibrations - until I orgasm HARD!!
(video length 21:53)

image: Wife licks cock untill he cums

Video: My Movies: 11-19-19

Lick, Lick, Lickjob:
How many licks does it to take to get a creamy load? Licking Boo's cock over and over so we can get the answer! I can't help but to suck some too - until I get cum!!
(video length 11:58)

image: Secretary Karla needs a raise - joi

Jerk Off Instruction: 11-16-19

Secretary Karla Wants a Raise:
You can't stop looking at my pantyhose Boss Man!! So give me that raise and I'll give you what you want! Stroke your nice dick and cum on my nylon soles!
(video length 11:23)

image: Secretary Karla gives the boss a pantyhose footjob

Fetish: 11-14-19

Secretary Karla - Nylon Foot Fuck:
I want to talk about a raise, but Bossman's only interested in smelling, rubbing and fucking my perfect feet! I let him do it because I love cum and I'm hoping for a nice big bonus for the holidays! Bossman says I'm the best little "work wife" EVER!!
(video length 11:45)

image: Sexy wife Stacie gives a handjob with gloves

Fetish: 11-11-19

Get the Sick from the Dick:
No sick days for amateur porn stars! While I do feel bad for Boo's condition, our "work" has got to get done! I lovingly tug, pull, stroke and stretch his cock and balls! You KNOW he's sick when I won't eat his cum!!
(video length 20:06)

image: Lonley Housewife Stacie gets naked in the kitchen - joi

Jerk Off Instruction: 11-7-19

Lonley Little Housewife:
I'm so lonely I just can't take it anymore! Show me the attention I deserve! Pull out your cock and stroke for me please - now give me cum - I need protien!!
(video length 10:07)

image: Mother gets fucked in the kitchen

Video: My Movies: 11-5-19

MF - Perverted Gratitude:
The love and pride I feel for Johnny overwhelms me, so I show him how grateful I am! First I suck him, then I fuck him - until he squirts a nice big cum load! It may be wrong but it feels so right!
(video length 11:25)

image: Wife and husban masterbate together

Video: My Movies: 11-3-19

Mutually Masturbating + Orgasms:
Somewhat breaking in our new bed! I dildo and vibrate my cunt while Boo strokes his cock for me! First I orgasm, then he fucks me briefly and cums on my thigh!!
(video length 17:53)

October 2019

image: Halloween babe fuckes her self with a dog toy

Strange Fetish: 10-31-19

Witch Finger Spell:
Brewing up sexy fun on all Hallow's Eve! After casting my spell, I work magic on my cunt with an unusual toy - until I have a chilling, spine tingling orgasm!!
(video length 9:41)

image: Hot wife has extremely tiny hands

Strange Fetish: 10-29-19

Sweet Tiny Hands:
It took me a long time to realize that my tiny hands really are a special gift! I stroke his cock and massage his balls with my soft little hands, until cum shoots out like crazy!
(video length 10:08)

image: A Catholic Sister fingers her pussy joi video

Jerk Off Instruction: 10-26-19

Nun Stacie:
Thank you for your help with this project! To show my appreciation, let me help you with something! It's not a sin to stroke your penis here with me! I'll finger my pussy and you masturbate - squirt me with cum!
(video length 13:11)

image: A Catholic nun gives a blowjob caught on video

Video: My Movies: 10-23-19

Nun Stacie Blowjob:
I'll go to any length to gather members for my congregation! This one didn't show up for service this morning, so I make a special house call! After the way I sucked on his penis, I know he'll make it next week!
(video length 12:52)

image: Stroke your cock for nurse mummy

Jerk Off Instruction: 10-20-19

MF JOI - Nurse Mummy:
Yes, I'm going to a party in my sexy costume but before I go pull out your dick for me and stroke it! You've grown into such a fine young man and I need your cum!
(video length 10:04)

image: Wonder woman gives a powerful handjob

Fetish: 10-18-19

Wonder Wife Handjob:
After fighting crime all night I come home to find him surfing porn! I use my lasso of truth and my super hero grip to coax the truth out of him - a fuck ton of cum too!!
(video length 10:36)

image: Mother needs dick in her ass

Video: My Movies: 10-15-19

MF - Slutty Nurse Butt Fuck:
Johnny thinks my costume looks slutty and doesn't want me leaving the house this way! What he needs to understand is that I am a SLUT! I make him fuck me in the ass to prove it AND to warm me up for later!!
(video length 17:21)

image: Real Arizona Cowboy Fucks Horny Cowgirl

Video: My Movies: 10-13-19

Cowgirl Hat + Boots - Fucking:
First I ride Boo's cock like a true Arizona cowgirl, then I fuck like a lil' doggy - wearing nothing but my sexy hat and boots! He fucks me so good and shoots me with cum! Yeehaw and giddyup partner!!
(video length 10:21)

image: Cowgirl up JOI instruction porn video

Jerk Off Instruction: 10-11-19

Cowgirl Up:
You can be my cowboy, but you need to pull out your dick and stroke it for me partner! Your cock is so hot, like a wild stallion that needs taming! Let me show you how I ride - squirt me with cum cowboy!!
(video length 8:12)

image: Old school 1985 foot job

Fetish: 10-8-19

Back to the Eighties Footjob:
I throw my legs over Boo's shoulders and go totally footloose on his cock! It may be risky business, but my bitchin' leg warmers make up for it! I stroke man, stroke man with my awesome feet- until I get cum!!
(video length 10:30)

image: Watch Classroom Jerk off for Mature Teacher video @ wifecrazy

Jerk Off Instruction: 10-6-19

Sexiest JOI Teacher:
Because of your failing grade on the pop quiz, now you must prove you know the material in other ways! Stroke your dick just like this and shoot cum in my mouth!!
(video length 11:09)

image: Steam punk role play fucking

Video: Strange fetish: 10-3-19

Steam Porn:
My love, the genius, invents a "flux rod capacitor" - a world changing device that stores and transmits sexual electrical energy! Once he gives me his shaft, my juices flow and my gears turn wildly!
(video length 11:34)

image: Sexy teacher gives blowjob lesson

Video: My Movies: 10-1-19

Hot for Teacher Facial:
This 40 year old virgin is failing my sex-ed course miserably! No wonder he's never been fucked! I find a way to stimulate and motivate his inner passion for learning and he shoots cum all over my face!
(video length 10:22)

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