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December 2018

image: Stacie will only instruct you after she cums.

Jerk Off Instruction: 12-17-18

After My Orgasm, Stroke Your Cock:
I'm so horny thinking about you and I need to cum! Watch me orgasm hard! Now that my cunt is satisfied, stroke your cock like this for me and give me your cum!!
(video length 11:00)

image: Stacie stretches her small saggy tits.

Strange Fetish: 12-14-18

Tiny Tits Hanging & Dangling:
My tiny little titties and my big shiny nipples hanging low while flopping around like crazy! Twisting my horny nipples making them rock hard and wishing you would tease them with your tongue!
(video length 8:22)

image: Best over the shoulders foojob by wifecrazy.

Fetish: 12-12-18

Best Over Shoulders Footjob:
I throw my legs over Boo's shoulders and stroke his cock with my feet! My thighs squeeze his head while my arches fuck his dick - until a gigantic cumload shoots out like crazy! Then my toes dance around in his wonderful white cum!!
(video length 8:22)

image: Stacie wears cowgirl boots and wants your cum.

Jerk Off Instruction: 12-10-18

Cowgirl Boots + Pantyhose:
I've got my new boots on and I'm ready to go dancing Jerkboy! But we'd better take care of that boner in your jeans first! I'll strip down and you jack off - give me cum!!
(video length 8:24)

image: Stacie riding dick with her butthole.

My Movies: 12-7-18

Strappy Anal Riding Creampie:
I love this kinky little strappy number - it creates the perfect butt fucking space! First I warm up, then I shove Boo's cock in my butthole and ride until he cums deep in my ass!! I spread wide so you can watch it drip...drip...drip...
(video length 12:37)

image: Stacie fucks toys and cock.

My Movies: 12-5-18

Fucking Fun New Toys:
After Boo warms up my horny cunt with 3 new toys and makes me cum, he gives me what I really want - his nice big cock! He fucks me hard and shoots cum all over my happy hairy pussy!!
(video length 12:23)

image: Secretary Karla begs for your cum.

Jerk Off Instruction: 12-3-18

Secretary Karla Coaxes Cum:
Oh no Bossman - what can I do to get out of work on Saturday? Show you what's under my work clothes and watch you masturbate? Yes please Bossman! Jack off for Karla and give me your cum!!
(video length 8:38)

image: Taboo roleplay point of view blowjob.

My Movies: 12-1-18

MF - POV Blowjob:
I have a special date tonight, so I need to practice on your penis little man! Just relax while I lick and suck on your surprisingly big penis - until you cum in my loving mouth!!
(video length 13:04)

November 2018

image: Bitch 1 and Bitch 2 encourage masturbation.

Jerk Off Instruction: 11-29-18

Bitches Want Your Cum:
We are not fucking around with you Masturbator - show us how you play with your cock! Stroke like this for our entertainment! Now shoot your cum on Avery's beautiful tits so I can lick it all off!
(video length 8:32)

image: Cowgirl Stacie strokes cock in her boots.

Fetish: 11-27-18

Mutual Handjob in Cowgirl Boots:
I gotta tame this wild pony y'all - good thing I'm wearing my boots! We use our hands to get eachother off, then I get rewarded with Boo's big cumload! Of course I lick some up and eat it!!
(video length 15:17)

image: Stacie dildo fucks pussy and ass..

My Movies: 11-25-18

Pussy + Ass Dildo Fucking Orgasm:
Using my new dildo set on both my pussy and ass! They feel incredible sliding in an out of me, but once I hold my Zumio on my clit - it happens much more quickly and I cum like crazy!!
(video length 11:28)

image: Dr Stacie's footjob therapy.

Fetish: 11-20-18

Dr Stacie's Footjob Therapy:
This new patient of mine feels embarrassed of his desires, but my world renowned therapy sets his mind at ease in no time! By the end of our session, he feels totally comfortable cumming all over my feet!
(video length 13:37)

image: Stacie's perfect sexy armpits.

Jerk Off Instruction: 11-18-18

Sexiest Armpits JOI:
Yes I think it's a bit strange that you fantasize about my armipits, but I think it's really cute too! Jack off for me and shoot your cum all over my armpits please!
(video length 8:28)

image: This hot girl could work at Dunder Mifflin!

My Photos: 11-15-18

The Office:
Yes there's work to be done, but I need to tend to some personal business first! Stripping down and taking care of my horny cunt with a nice big dildo! Dont worry Bossman, now that I got your cumload I can finally complete my workload!
(picture set: 59)

image: Stacie gets fucked with a strapon while sucking 2 cocks.

My Movies: 11-13-18

1 Strapon + 2 Cocks = FUN:
While Boo and Jack are off neglecting our needs, Avery and I find a creative way to comfort eachother! When the guys return, I show off my cock sucking skills and take 2 big cumloads all over my happy face!!
*Members enjoyed watching us film this hot fucking foursome LIVE on spycam*
(video length 18:36)

image: Stacie gets fucked and cum on her small tits.

My Movies: 11-11-18

Post Orgasm Fuck + Cum on Tits:
After my amazing orgasm, all I want is cock inside of me! Boo gives it to me and fucks me so good, then he shoots cum all over my little titties and big nipples!
(video length 8:07)

image: Crazy wife perfect nylon soles.

Jerk Off Instruction: 11-8-18

Nylon Soles 4 Foot Pervert:
Teasing you with my nylon covered feet and my increasingly wet cunt hole! But you'd better hurry up and cum on my soles Foot Pervert, I'm going out with the girls tonight!
(video length 8:53)

image: Stacie dildo fucking with loud orgasm.

My Movies: 11-6-18

Pleasing My Pussy SO Good!:
Double pleasure for my pussy hole, clitoris and nipples too! Two vibrators pulsating my cunt into an amazing (and loud) orgasm! I really fucking love my Zumio!
(video length 10:41)

image: Nurse Stacie dildos in panties with a buttplug too.

Jerk Off Instruction: 11-4-18

Panties + Dildos + Glasses:
Slipping various panties on and off - fucking my cunt with different dildos too! Stroke your cock just like this, watch me insert a butt plug and lick my cunt cream off my dildos!! Cum for me please!
(video length 13:56)

image: Stacie performs taboo roleplay fucking and sucking.

My Movies: 11-2-18

MF - Blackmail Suck & Fuck:
When Johnny busts me smoking a bowl he completely takes advantage of the situation and me - his own ......!! It's bad enough he makes me suck his penis, but he forces me to fuck him too!! Where did I go wrong?!
(video length 16:48)

October 2018

image: Alien fucks housewife with alien cock and creampie.

Strange Fetish: 10-31-18

Exxxtra Terrestrial Encounter:
I never believed before. But after my incredible encounter (including mind blowing orgasms), I DO believe I want more of that out-of-this-world cock! I guess Boo is cuckolded by an ET now!
(video length 14:55)

image: CFNM poodle skirt handjob.

Fetish: 10-29-18

CFNM Poodle Skirt Handjob:
Billy's so dreamy and he really did a swell job fixing my bike! I have to repay him somehow, so before the big sock hop I play with his penis until it spits up all over me!
(video length 12:24)

image: Stacie butt fucks a huge dildo and cums hard.

My Movies: 10-27-18

Best Dildo Anal Orgasm:
A housewife's work is never done, but I know exactly how to recharge myself! A big dildo fucking my butt and strong vibrations on my pussy make for one incredible orgasm - now I can finish my chores!
(video length 9:43)

image: Taboo roleplay in school girl costume.

Fetish: 10-24-18

BF - Blackmail Footjob:
Johnny discovers my new tattoo and threatens to rat me out if I don't give in to his perverted demands!! He makes me show him my boobs and take off my panties too! Ewww - he's such an asshole!
(video length 9:19)

image: Nurse Stacie strips naked and wants your cum.

Jerk Off Instruction: 10-21-18

Nurse Stacie Gets Naked:
Don't be shy - I'm a professional! I'll make you feel completely comfortable while I exam and evalute the functionality of your incredibly nice penis! Stroke just like this for me and cum in my mouth!
(video length 11:07)

image: Skinny wife in apron gets ass fucked by the plumber.

My Movies: 10-19-18

Plumber Lays Anal Pipe:
The guy from Moore Hose Plumbing really is an expert at laying pipe and clearing clogs! He fucks my butthole and proves he's VERY good at his job! ***Bloopers at the end***
(video length 12:32)

image: Perverted nun fantasies fufilled.

Jerk Off Instruction: 10-17-18

Demons in Your Semen - Repent!:
These perverted thoughts you're having about me must stop! Lucky for your soul I have the perfect method to rid your penis of the demons in your semen! But this must be the one and only time! Heaven help us!!
(video length 12:11)

image: Nurse Stacie's filthy prostate exam.

Fetish: 10-15-18

Nurse - Pulled Back HJ, BJ + Butt Play:
While testing Mr Johnson's manly parts, I discover that everything is in perfect working order and his wife should be VERY happy with the results - I know I am!!
(video length 16:06)

image: Wonder Woman wants your cum.

Jerk Off Instruction: 10-13-18

Wonderful Woman Wants Cum:
After my long day of kicking ass, I just wanna relax while watching you stroke your cock! Be MY hero - jack off like this and cum on my wonderful butthole!!
(video length 10:02)

image: The holy sister Stacie sucks cock and gets a big facial.

My Movies: 10-11-18

Nun in Glasses BJ + Facial:
I've been out and about all day trying to recruit new members for my congregation, but nothing seems to work - well, except this one new technique I've mastered! I guess we really are all sinners inside!!
(video length 10:58)

image: French maid wants your cum.

Jerk Off Instruction: 10-8-18

Cleaning Your Filth - Jack Off!:
When I agreed to help you clean your place, I didn't know it'd be so dirty - now you owe me some dirty action! Jack off while I finish cleaning and give me your cum!
(video length 7:56)

image: Fucking the foreign maid.

My Movies: 10-6-18

Language Barrier Fucking:
Boo fucks the foreign maid! AND - Ithegif yothegu cathegan reatheged ththegis, ththegen yothegu withegill uthegun-detheger-stathegand methege! Fun to roleplay a language barrier!
(video length 8:23)

image: Stacie strokes cock in a steampunk costume.

Fetish: 10-4-18

Steampunk Handjob:
I'm loving this crazy, sexy, steampunk style and I carry it through to my handjob style too! Sometimes soft like lace I stroke Boo's cock, then hard like leather I slap his cock around - until he shoots cum and I eat it!!
(video length 9:49)

image: Forceful milf enjoys taboo roleplay joi.

Jerk Off Instruction: 10-2-18

MF - Your Perverted Punishment!:
I know you've been snooping through my "toy" box and I am angry! You've gone too far and you will pay the price! Pull out your dick and stroke it you fucking pervert!
(video length 11:19)

September 2018

image: Stacie shaves and dildos her cunt until she has an orgasm.

My Movies: 9-30-18

Shave, Dildo, Orgasm:
After shaving my bushy cunt, I dildo and vibrate myself to an incredible orgasm! So much more intense with less hair down there and standing up makes it feel different too - just look at my pussy juices!
(video length 9:50)

image: RHT suntan stockings footjob from crazywife.

Fetish: 9-28-18

RHT Stockings + Hot Pink Toes Footjob:
Stroking Boo's cock with my pretty nylon covered feet! I pump on his balls with my reinforced toes and wrap my arches around his shaft - until he shoots a big cum load! Then I wiggle my toes in it!!
(video length 9:14)

image: Stacie performs taboo roleplay fucking.

My Movies: 9-26-18

MF - Attention Starved Cougar:
That thoughtless husband of mine makes me feel so unwanted and I need sexual attention! Good thing there's someone down the hall who can satisfy this horny need inside of me - I don't care if it's wrong!!
(video length 18:41)

image: Big cock slapping mature pussy and shooting cum.

Strange Fetish: 9-24-18

Kinky Cock & Cunt Smacking:
Dressed so sweetly (thank you Tyson) and feeling so frisky - I want some kinky action! Boo smacks the fuck out of my cunt with his cock, then he teases me with the tip and covers my pretty pussy with cum!
(video length 9:52)

image: Mature small tits and huge hard nipples want cum.

Jerk Off Instruction: 9-21-18

My Extra Hard Nipples:
Stroke your cock while I pinch, pull and twist my big nipples! Look how hard you're making my puffy nipples - so much harder than they've ever been! Give me your cum!!
(video length 8:07)

image: Mature wife licking cock for cum.

My Movies: 9-18-18

Licking Cock for Cum:
I lick up, down and all around his big cock - I even tongue his nice full balls! Then I sneak in a little bit of sucking and keep on licking until I get his giant load of cum!
(video length 9:47)

image: Mature pussy and tits in garter and stockings.

Jerk Off Instruction: 9-16-18

Garter Belt, Stockings, Dress:
I love dressing my sexiest for you! Play with your cock and let me show you what's underneath! Stroke it just like that - now squirt me with your cum mister!!
(video length 9:02)

image: Mature wife fucking in garter and stockings.

My Movies: 9-14-18

Garter Belt, Dress, Stockings - Fucking:
Boo licks and fucks my horny cunt while I'm dressed sexy! He pounds me good with his big cock and cums on my pussy! His big cumshot drips on the floor, then I lick it up! I'm so fucking DIRTY!!
(video length 6:38)

image: Cock pulled back for kinky handjob.

Fetish: 9-8-18

Pulled Back Too Far Handjob?:
I'm amazed at the flexibility of Boo's cock! I pull it back farther than ever and give him just a little roughness in all the right places, until he shoots cum all over my torso!
(video length 11:30)

image: Mature wife sucking cock.

My Movies: 9-7-18

Sucking Like Crazy for Cum:
Alone at our friend's place when I get the urge to suck Boo's cock and swallow his cum! After showing off my amazing dick sucking skills I swallow every delicious drop of Boo's salt malt!
(video length 9:31)

image: Mature pussy and tits waiting for your cum.

Jerk Off Instruction: 9-5-18

Entertain Me with Your Dick!:
I'm so bored, will you please pull out your dick and cure my restlessness? Watching you stroke makes my nipples hard and my pussy horny! Jack off like this for me - now squirt me with your cum!
(video length 7:42)

image: Mustache drenched in cunt juice.

My Movies: 9-3-18

Mustache Action - Licking + Fucking:
I can't wait to feel Boo's mustache tickle my pussy! He licks me and fingers me until I orgasm hard! Then he gives me his big cock and shoots cum all over my cunt!
(video length 12:02)

image: Stacie wears hot pink nails and strokes cock for cum.

Fetish: 9-1-18

Hot Pink Handjob in Glasses:
Teasing and pleasing Boo with pink lingerie, pink nails, curly hair and glasses! I pull out his nice big cock and skillfully stroke - until cum shoots out like crazy!!
(video length 9:13)

August 2018

image: Stacie and Avery crush mother fucking sperm guts.

Strange: 8-30-18

Stacie & Avery Crush Sperm Guts:
After pulverizing the fuck out of these cocks and balls, we have way too much fun demolishing the sperm guts! We even dance all over them with our lethal feet! We don't feel bad at all - we love it!!
(video length 8:12)

image: Stacie gets a kinky dirty anal creampie.

My Movies: 8-27-18

Extremely Kinky Anal Creampie:
Boo pulls out my butt plug and fucks me with it! Then he shoves his big cock in and fucks me so good - until he fills my butt with cum! WARNING: Please do not watch the last 10 seconds unless you want to see extreme grossness!!!
(video length 9:08)

image: Stacie masturbates her pussy while being watched.

My Movies: 8-27-18

Cumming Hard for Boo:
He loves watching me masturbate and listening to me have an orgasm - nothing gets Boo in the mood for content more than me cumming! My job's a hard one but someone has to keep cocks happy!
(video length 7:02)

image: Wide spread pussy and butt holes.

Jerk Off Instruction: 8-24-18

Creampie My Heavenly Holes:
Spreading my pussy hole and spreading my butthole so you can really see up inside! Stroke your cock and shoot your cum deep inside me - creampie my heavenly holes!!
(video length 12:43)

image: Stacie gets fucked with fingers and big cock.

My Movies: 8-22-18

Fingers and Cock Fucking My Cunt:
I want it and Boo gives it to me just a little more forcefully than usual! He fingers my pussy so good then fucks me with his big hard cock - until he shoots cum on my ass!
(video length 7:46)

image: Smiling cfnm blowjob in a fancy dress.

My Movies: 8-20-18

Happy Smiling CFNM Blowjob:
Boo is bare naked while I'm in my sexy sequined dress sucking his cock! I feel so powerful when he's this vulnerable - it makes me extremely cock and cum hungry!
(video length 7:35)

image: Mature pantyhose footjob with big cum shot.

Fetish: 8-18-18

Suntan Pantyhose + Red Toes Footjob:
Wrapping my nylon covered arches around Boo's big cock and stroking him off with my feet - until I make a huge load of thick white cum shoot from his cock onto my suntan pantyhosed foot!
(video length 8:24)

image: This mature Tigress shows off her pantyhose pussy and feet

Pictures: 8-16-18

Tigress: A fierce or passionate woman
Watch out boy she'll chew you up - whoa oh here she cums - she's a maneater! But even if I bite sometimes, you just can't resist cumming back for more!
(50 picture set)

image: Stacie gets her cunt high and masturbates.

My Movies: 8-14-18

Getting My Pussy High:
This special new lube is 420 infused and it definitely heightens the sensitivity of my cunt! I dildo and vibrate my extra horny pussy - until I'm cumming and crying!
(video length 11:50)

image: Stacie commands your cock and cum.

Jerk Off Instruction: 8-12-18

Commanding Your Cock & Cum:
I'm dressed to impress from head to heels and I expect to be impressed! Stroke your cock exactly like this and follow my directions closely! Now shoot your cum into my hand - I need a taste!
(video length 8:17)

image: Skinny wife riding cock for cum.

My Movies: 8-11-18

Fast Fun Fuck:
I need cock now! Teasing, sucking and riding Boo, but it doesn't take long until his cock shoots cum! Because I need more action, we'll be filming porn again later today - on spycam of course!
(video length 6:21)

image: Very strong vibrating handjob with big cum shot.

Fetish: 8-8-18

Intense Vibrations Handjob:
Trying out my favorite pleasure wand on Boo's big cock! I stroke a little and vibrate a lot while pulling on his balls - until a big load of cum gushes from his cock!!
(video length 14:04)

image: Stacie fucks the window cleaning guy after he spies on her.

My Movies: 8-6-18

Fucking + Sucking the Window Guy:
I had no idea he'd be spying on me instead cleaning the windows, but he's so cute that I invite him for a break! I suck him, fuck him and eat this stranger's cum - but then I see his wedding ring...
(video length 10:09)

image: Stacie and Avery fucking in group sex.

My Movies: 8-3-18

Double the Fun - Group Fucking:
This was completely impromptu XXX fun for all 4 of us! So much licking, sucking and fucking - we were completely spent by the end! Boo and Jack get very special blowjobs, then fuck us hard - until they shoot cum all over our backs!!
(video length 19:23)

image: Light slut training of Avery.

Strange: 8-1-18

Playing "Stacie Says" with Avery:
I always get my way with men, but I get such an exciting pussy rush when women do as I say! Avery strips, bounces, dildos and tastes my pussy juice - I see more serious slut training in her future!
(video length 8:25)

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