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December 2017

image: Jack off for boss lady or lose your job!

Video: JOI: 12-16-17

Jacking for Your Job: Today you must prove that you're a team player! If I'm not impressed with your performance and your cumload then you will lose your job!
(video length 12:49)

image: CFNM bitchy boss blowjob and facial

Video: my movies: 12-14-17

Bitchy Boss Facial in Glasses:
This slacker attitude will cost Bob his job if he doesn't shape up! After a stern talk and hard cock sucking - he'd better change!
(video length 12:45)

image: Stacie worships pantyhose feet

Video: strange: 12-12-17

Pantyhose Foot Worship: I have too much fun with Avery's sweet little feet! Licking and sucking - then rubbing my pussy on them! She wants to fuck me with her feet!
(video length 8:07)

image: Mature Ant Stacie taboo fucking

Video: my movies: 12-10-17

AF - Alone with Stacie Fucking:
Looking after Johnny all week while his parents are gone and I make sure to spend quality time - it does not feel wrong!!
(video length 14:09)

image: Aunt Stacie wants your cum

Video: JOI: 12-8-17

AF - Alone with Stacie JOI:
I'm in charge this week and we're gonna have so much fun! Make me happy - stroke like this and shoot cum on my cunt!!
(video length 13:16)

image: Taboo pantyhose footjob with cumshot

Video: fetish: 12-5-17

MF - Reinforced Toes Pantyhose FJ:
Johnny massages my aching feet so he can use the car, but I take extra precautions so there's no sex in the back seat!
(video length 13:12)

image: Mature Stacie fucks a poweful dildo

Video: my movies: 12-3-17

Home Alone and Horny Again:
What's a girl to do? Grab my super rabbit and fuck my pussy until I have an intense orgasm! Sometimes I love being alone!
(video length 12:00)

image: Stacie sits on his chest and strokes his cock in pantyhose

Video: fetish: 12-1-17

Chest Sitting Handjob in Pantyhose:
A slow, fun process of stroking Boo's cock and massaging his balls! It almost feels like torture - until I finally force his cum!
(video length 16:42)

November 2017

image: Wifecrazy high kicking clip

Video: strange: 11-29-17

Kinky Crazy Kicking: Some deep stretching in panties and then your high kicking fetish fantasy fulfilled - including high kneeing, pillow kicking and pussy peeks!!
(video length 8:00)

image: Mature Stacie sucks and fucks for creampie

Video: my movies: 11-27-17

Fucking My Neighbor Creampie: Home alone and I need help - so I ask my neighbor over to give me a hand! I end up riding his cock until he fills my cunt with cum!
(video length 11:29)

image: Mature Stacie sucks dick and eats cum

Video: my movies: 11-24-17

Cock Sucking + Cum Play: I suck Boo's cock off and force his cum into my collection cup! Then I have too much fun drooling and slurping - until I swallow!
(video length 9:29)

image: Small hanging flap jack tits

Video: strange: 11-22-17

Low Hanging Little Tits: Hanging my itty bitty titties over and flapping them all around! I don't think my nipples have ever looked so hard and long before!
(video length 8:51)

image: Boss lady instructs you to jack off for your job

Video: JOI: 11-20-17

Bitchy Boss Lady JOI: Annie told me she saw you jacking off in apartment 204 - no wonder your work's not complete! Now you'd better jack off for your job Mister!
(video length 8:58)

image:  Avery fucks with her beautiful tits

Video: fetish: 11-19-17

Avery's Tanlines Titjob: Avery's pierced nipples look incredible & she squeezes her tits tight around Jack's cock while he fucks! He shoots cum on her chest & she tastes it!
*Avery's email address
(video length 5:00)

image: Mature wife dirty butt fucking creampie

Video: my movies: 11-16-17

Long & Dirty Butt Fucking: This dick numbing spray really works! Boo lasts longer than usual & fucks my butthole so good! Deep & dirty anal creampie!
(video length 15:44)

image: Stacie teaches you how to stroke your dick

Video: JOI: 11-14-17

Jerk Off Instruction Tutor: I was sent over to help you excel this semester - but it's not what you think! If you want a good report, pull out your dick & do exactly what I say!
(video length 11:42)

image: Stacie and Boo fucking

Photos: 11-12-17

Stacie & Boo: I'm so horny & I feel so sexy too! Sucking & fucking Boo's big hard dick, until he fills my hot pussy with cum! Hardcore Fucking Creampie Pictures
(63 picture set)

image: Lady boss sucks her workers dick for cum

Video: my movies: 11-10-17

Boss Lady Needs Dick!: It's lonely at the top, so it's a good thing I have all the power I need to get Dick's dick! I giggle at his dirty little story - then I eat his cum!!
(video length 11:51)

image: Stacie and Avery stroke big black cock with their feet

Video: JOI: 11-8-17

Footjob JOI with Avery: Stroke hard while we play footsies with this big cock & each other! Want to see Avery give a real footjob? Tell her...(email's inside)
(video length 8:17)

image: Stacie gives Boo an over the shoulders footjob

Video: fetish: 11-6-17

Forceful FJ - Over Shoulders: A little cock sucking & a little face sitting - then I throw my legs over Boo's shoulders & stroke his cock off with my amazing feet!
(video length 8:25)

image: Real wife Avery gives good hand

Video: fetish: 11-4-17

Avery's Tits Out Handjob: Angelic Avery strokes his cock & even sets her pretty titties free - until he squirts cum all over her hand! Who wants to watch her fuck?!?
*Avery's email address
(video length 4:38)

image: Mature Stacie fucks her butt and cums hard

Video: my movies: 11-2-17

Self-Shot Struggling Anal Orgasm:
I'm home alone & horny as fuck! Pleasuring my butthole & pussy at the same time - struggling to orgasm! When I finally's fucking AMAZING!!!
(video length 15:27)

October 2017

image: Mature nurse pussy fisting

Video: strange: 10-31-17

Pretty Little Pussy Stretcher: This beautiful professional stretches my horny pussy out so my new boyfriend's cock will fit! I can't wait for another session with her!
(video length 9:14)

image: Mature wife gives boney handjob

Video: fetish: 10-30-17

Almost Evil Handjob: I may look & act a bit evil, but Boo knows I have the hands of an angel! I pull & stroke his cock until he shoots cum - then I reveal my good side!
(video length 8:35)

image: Nurse Avery swallows the sperm sample

Video: my movies: 10-29-17

Nurse Avery - Sperm Sample: With perfect bedside manner, Avery proves her worth to the doctor! She collects his sample & tests it in the most unusual way!
*Avery's email address
(video length 6:46)

image: Taboo roleplay fucking and pussy eating

Video: my movies: 10-27-17

MF - Forbidden Fucking: After many horrible dates, I finally realize everything I want is right here at home! Johnny licks me, fucks me & cums all over my back!!
(video length 15:17)

image: Two sexy maids fuck themselves with glass dildos

Photos: 10-25-17

Sexy Maids: Teaching Avery exactly how to clean up in this xxx business! We make sure everything's sparkling from the inside out! We work hard to get you hard Mister!!
(57 picture set)

image: Mature wife handjob and cum eating

Video: fetish: 10-23-17

Red Hot Handjob: Feeling very sexy in this little red number & craving his cum! Sweetly sucking & stroking Boo's cock until tons of cum shoots out - then I eat it!
(video length 8:40)

image: Mature woman having intense orgasm

Video: my movies: 10-21-17

Double Wands Orgasm: I'm so lucky - I have two magic wands & it's the first time I've used them both at once! An incredible orgasm - thank you for your help Boo!
(video length 12:28)

image: Two wives begging for cum

Video: jerk4me: 10-19-17

Give Us Cum Jerkboy!: I told Avery about your nice cock & now she wants to see it too! Stroke like this while we count you down - when we hit one, shoot your cum!
(video length 7:24)

image: Mature wife hard core fucking

Video: my movies: 10-17-17

Fun Fucking + Filthy Feet: After we finish filming & our hot new couple leaves - we are ready for hard core action! Boo licks me, fucks me & shoots cum on my cunt!!
(video length 7:05)

image: Mature wife outdoor footjob

Video: fetish: 10-14-17

Sweet & Sexy - Outdoor Footjob:
Boo's naked outside & I can't control myself! I stroke his dick with my feet until cum squirts out, then I wiggle my toes in it!
(video length 7:15)

image: New wife Avery sucks cock on

Video: my movies: 10-13-17

Avery's First Blowjob Video: She's such a good little cock sucker & takes a huge load of cum on her awesome tits! Tell Avery you wanna see more of her naughty side:
Join now for Avery's email!
(video length 5:03)

image: MILF maturbates and begs for cum

Video: jerk4me: 10-11-17

Creamy Cunt Hole JOI: Watching you masturbate makes me so horny - let's get off together! Wait until I finish, then shoot your cum in my creamy cunt hole!!
(video length 10:15)

image: New wife Avery on

Video: my movies: 10-9-17

Avery is a Goddess!: I'm am SO fucking excited to introduce this amazing woman!! Please drop Avery a line & tell her about her beauty! She might want a site...
Join now for Avery's email!
(video length 8:31)

image: Mature wife ass fucking and anal creampie

Video: my movies: 10-7-17

Very Horny Anal Creampie: This clip has it all! Anal dildoing - cock sucking - butt fucking - tons of cum dripping from my asshole & even my slightly dirty feet!!
(video length 9:57)

image: Mature wife has kinky orgasm

Video: strange: 10-5-17

The Mask Orgasm: Many of you have asked about my bright pink mask & here's a better view of it! Also I fuck & vibrate my pussy like crazy until I cum really hard!
(video length 6:56)

image: Soles up blowjob with direct cum swallow

Video: my movies: 10-3-17

Foot View Blowjob: Showing off my wrinkley soles & my cock sucking skills at the same time! I lick & nibble & suck until he fills my mouth with cum - then I swallow!
(video length 9:05)

image: Mature mother begs for cum

Video: jerk4me: 10-1-17

Jerkboy Audition!: Lots of men jack off for my sexy body - will you make the cut? I really like your dick, but can you worship properly & cum on demand?
(video length 8:14)

September 2017

image: Mature mother puts on a hot panty show

Photos: 9-29-17

Panty Show: Changing in & out of some very womanly panties that show off my cameltoe! Sit back, grab your cock & stroke out some cum please!!
(57 picture set)

image: Veiny mature handjob with big cum shot

Video: fetish: 9-27-17

Slow, Soft, Sensual Handjob:
Using my left hand & not applying much pressure, I playfully caress Boo's dick until he shoots a TON of cum!
(video length 12:32)

image: Milf in garter and stockings cums hard

Video: my movies: 9-25-17

Orgasm in Garter & Stockings:
When feeling this womanly, I just have to satisfy my horny cunt! I dildo & vibrate my way to an incredible orgasm!
(video length 12:41)

image: Taboo roleplay joi punishment

Video: jerk4me: 9-22-17

Panty Stealing Pervert - BF JOI:
It's ALL your fault I've been walking around without panties all day! Now you will pay - you little fucking pervert!!
(video length 12:08)

image: Gigantic cumshot shoots from dick

Video: cumshots: 9-22-17

Cumshot Keeps Cumming: I stroke his cock & massage his balls with my veiny hands until cum shoots out over & over & over!! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:07)

image: Taboo roleplay fucking

Video: my movies: 9-19-17

BF - Forbidden Games Facial:
Maybe now that I let him fuck me & cum on my face, Johnny will stop teasing me & being so mean! He's such a perverted dick!
(video length 16:09)

image: Mature hightops and socks masturbation instruction

Video: jerk4me: 9-17-17

Stinky Hightops & Socks JOI:
I've got what you want Foot Pervert - so stroke your cock, massage your balls & shoot cum in my stinky sexy hightop!
(video length 10:29)

image: CFNM hightops and socks footjob

Video: fetish: 9-15-17

Hightops + Socks = Stinky FJ:
After all day in my hightops, I rub my stinky feet on Boo's face & cock - until he shoots cum & then I crush his sperm!
(video length 11:50)

image: Mature wife fucking in high tops

Video: my movies: 9-13-17

Naked in Hightops Creampie:
I strip down on the stairs but leave on my sexy shoes! Sucking & fucking Boo's cock until he fills my cunt with a ton of cum!
(video length 8:16)

image: Giantess pussy, ass & feet jerk off instruction

Video: jerk4me: 9-11-17

Giantess JOI: Stroke your cock to an upclose view of my gigantic womanly parts - butthole, cunt hole, nipples & feet! Masturbate & give me your cum!!
(video length 10:54)

image: CFNM kinky clothes pins handjob

Video: fetish: 9-8-17

CFNM - Crazy Kinky Handjob:
After sufficiently covering Boo's balls with clothes pins, I stroke out every drop of cum from his cock & I eat some too!
(video length 10:45)

image: Mature wife fucking her masseuse

Video: my movies: 9-6-17

Very Happy Ending Too:
Well now I know the truth - he was just lying to get me naked! I don't really mind, since he relaxes me from the inside out!!!
(video length 9:39)

image: Mature wife gets a happy ending

Video: my movies: 9-4-17

Very Happy Ending Orgasm:
I'm nervous to be naked - until I learn he's gay! So I let him massage every square inch of my body, he'd better not be lying!
(video length 15:10)

image: 44 year old milf strips off her swimwear outside

Photos: 9-2-17

Swimwear: I see you spying on me from across the way - you sweet, naughty boy! Maybe you hope I'll show off all the goods to're welcome!
(49 picture set)

August 2017

image: Mature nipples pulled and pinched

Video: jerk4me: 8-31-17

Prettiest Nipples JOI: I've got something special under my t-shirt for you! Stroke your penis while I torture my pretty nipples just a little bit - cum for me!!
(video length 10:51)

image: Giantess anal sex with biting & spitting of gummy bears

Video: strange: 8-29-17

Giantess Butt Fucking: Gaze up at his enormous dick fucking my gigantic butthole! You can just sit with the rest of the little perverts who are watching!
(video length 9:38)

image: Taboo roleplay pantyhose pissing

Video: strange: 8-27-17

MF - Lick My Pissy Feet:
I can't believe you lost another job - look what you've done to me! You're a lazy bastard & today you will pay young man!
(video length 7:11)

image: Stacie wants cum on her nylon soles

Video: jerk4me: 8-25-17

Worship My Perfect Feet: You're exactly where I want you & where you want to be Foot Pervert! Show me how much you love my feet & give me your cum!
(video length 7:25)

image: Cumshot on nylon soles

Video: cumshots: 8-25-17

One On & One Off CS: Boo fondles my soles with his big cock - he shoots cum all over one bare foot & one nylon foot! Includes slow motion version...
(video length 2:06)

image: Playing with my pussy at the swimming pool

Video: my movies: 8-23-17

Playing at the Pool: Testing our new underwater camera at the pool! Working on my tan lines, flashing my tits & playing with my pussy - swimming too!
(video length 6:47)

image: Answering fan emails and drinking beer

Video: crazy: 8-23-17

Drinking Beer & Answering Email:
Long over-due responses to some of the sweet, crazy, cool emails I receive! There are many & I get behind! More soon...
(video length 13:24)

image: Wifecrazy naked in glasses handjob

Video: fetish: 8-21-17

Naked in Glasses - Pulled Back HJ:
I have too much kinky fun pulling Boo's cock back between his legs & stroking - until cum shoots out like crazy!
(video length 8:44)

image: Bubble gum blowjob from cum hungry wife

Video: my movies: 8-19-17

Bubble Gum Blowjob: Chewing & chomping on this bubble gum while licking & sucking Boo's big cock! I really don't know what's stickier - my gum or his cum!
(video length 11:23)

image: Mature cameltoe in vanity fair panties

Video: jerk4me: 8-17-17

Cameltoe JOI in Sexy Panties:
Stroke your cock while I show off my prominent cameltoe! Do it slower Masturbator & cum on my sexy VF panties!!
(video length 9:09)

image: Mature highly arched feet giving foot job

Video: fetish: 8-15-17

Highest Arches - Oily Footjob:
I cover myself in oil while wearing my VF panties & caress Boo's cock with my perfect arches - until he squirts cum for me!
(video length 13:07)

image: Mature wife fucking with cum on cunt

Video: my movies: 8-13-17

After Orgasm Fucking: Boo helped me have an awesome orgasm & now we fuck hard - until he shoots a big cum load all over my pussy - then he fucks me more!
(video length 6:10)

image: Mature wife creamy dildo fucking and orgasm

Video: my movies: 8-10-17

Close & Creamy Cunt Orgasm:
A big black dildo, my magic wand & Boo's cock in my mouth all add up to one incredible fucking orgasm!
(video length 10:47)

image: Mature wife stuffing cunt with panties

Video: jerk4me: 8-8-17

Panty Stuffing JOI: Masturbate for me while I stuff my horny pussy full of sexy panties! Stroke your cock like this & squirt me with cum - I love your cum!
(video length 9:21)

image: Taboo roleplay handjob in apron and gloves

Video: fetish: 8-6-17

MF - Dirty Pervert Handjob: Obviously Johnny's hormones are raging - that little fuck pops a boner while watching me clean! We're taking care of this right now!!
(video length 10:45)

image: Cum on my sexy glasses JOI

Video: jerk4me: 8-3-17

Bikini Girl in Glasses JOI:
I'm going to the pool Jerkboy, but I would definitely like some cum before I go! Jack off for me please & cum on my glasses!
(video length 8:23)

image: Mature wife butt fucking

Video: my movies: 8-1-17

Anal Redemption: This time is not so short! Boo fucks me up the butt for a good amount of time & shoots cum in my spread open butthole! He definitely redeems himself!
(video length 13:51)

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