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May 2018

image: Taboo pussy and butt fucking

Video: My Movies: 5-22-18

MF - Resistant but Willing:
I've got a date with my boyfriend but Johnny's really acting out, so we spend some much needed quality time! He's a pushy little bastard and winds up fucking my pussy and my butt! It's so incredibly WRONG but feels so good!
(video length 14:25)

image: Fucking on a neighbor's couch.

Video: My Movies: 5-19-18

Fucking on a Friend's Couch:
If you know him, you'd better not say anything either! I know it's not right to fuck on his couch, but I'm horny and he owes us a big favor for taking care of his cat!
(video length 8:14)

image: Slowly edging cock for cum

Video: Fetish: 5-16-18

Pleasure or Torture? Edging Cock for Cum!:
Softly, slowly - I lick, caress and edge Boo closer to cumming but then I pull back! I can't believe how much pre-cum leaks out before I finally let him shoot his load!
(video length 30:06)

image: Avery fucks Jack while Stacie licks her cunt

Video: Strange: 5-13-18

Freaky Trio - Hiccup, Suck, Fuck:
So VERY funny, hot and horny all at the same time! Avery can't stop her tipsy hiccupping, but she wants Jack's cock anyway! Then I bury my face in her delicious cunt - AGAIN!
(video length 8:08)

image: Highest arches and kinky footjob

Video: Fetish: 5-11-18

Break for Footjob:
I've been working too hard at my friend's house, now I need something relaxing! Boo fucks my sexy feet with his nice hard cock and squirts a huge cumshot for me too!
(video length 8:29)

image: Tipsy wild fucking

Video: My Movies: 5-8-18

Wild, Crazy, Tipsy Fucking:
After our playmates leave, the party continues for me and Boo! We wildly fuck in several positions and he fucks me so deep - he puts my ass to sleep!!
(video length 8:10)

image: Nurse Stacie strokes patient's penis

Video: Fetish: 5-6-18

Nurse Stacie's Healing Hands:
Perfect bedside manner as I place my healing hands on the patient's penis and make him feel so much better! A few more sessions and he'll be back on his feet! ***Lots of LONG eyelash batting too***
(video length 12:04)

image: Stacie licks Avery's pussy

Video: My Movies: 5-3-18

Almost Taboo Pussy Licking:
I tell a very dirty (but true) story and then I demonstrate by burying my tongue deep in Avery's pussy! She tastes even better than I anticipated! Can't wait to do it again!
(video length 17:16)

image: Stacie sucking and fucking

Video: My Movies: 5-1-18

Reunited Sucking + Fucking:
We haven't fucked in days and I can't wait to shove Boo's nice hard cock deep inside my cunt! Lots of licking, sucking, riding and of course - cumming!
(video length 8:11)

April 2018

image: Stacie and Avery sucking Jack's cock together

Video: My Movies: 4-29-18

Sucking Jack's Cock Together:
And now for the first time ever (on my website), I suck another man's cock for you! Were you lucky enough to catch us filming on my spy cam??
(video length 10:37)

image: beautiful naked wife

Pictures: 4-26-18

Swimsuit (+ Suckers): Loving my new swimsuit and how sexy I feel! Loving my good old kinky nipple and clit toys too! If you wanna know what's coming out of my BIG nipples - click here!
(76 picture set)

image: Avery fists Stacie's pussy

Video: Strange: 4-24-18

Stacie + Avery - Glove Love:
Nothing wrong with 2 horny women expressing their affections in one of the kinkiest possible ways - RIGHT?!
More cumming soon...
(video length 6:25)

image: Skinny, mature cameltoe

Video: JOI: 4-22-18

Shiny, Deep Cameltoe:
These tight shiny shorts accentuate my deep cameltoe perfectly! Stroke your cock and squirt cum on my pretty pussy lips!
(video length 10:52)

image: Taboo roleplay blackmail fucking

Video: My Movies: 4-19-18

MF - Blackmail Lick, Suck, Fuck:
Johnny catches me trying on Susie's dress and he threatens to rat me out - unless I give in to his perverted demands! He's such a little fucking bastard!
(video length 17:21)

image: Stacie sucking dick and getting facial on her glasses

Video: My Movies: 4-17-18

Outdoor BJ + Facial in Glasses:
Out on the patio sucking Boo's cock off! My top comes off and my glasses stay on while shooting his cum all over my face!
(video length 8:51)

image: Stacie dildo fucking and loud orgasm

Video: My Movies: 4-15-18

Creamy Cunt Orgasm: Feeling so horny in my stockings - I need an orgasm really bad! Fucking and vibrating all the right spots until my cunt is creamy and satisfied!
(video length 8:49)

image: Mature legs in strappy black heels and sexy stockings

Video: JOI: 4-13-18

Your Favorite Stockings & Heels:
Soon that's all I'll be wearing while you jack off for me! Rub your cock on my nylon feet and give me your cum please!
(video length 9:40)

image: Massage table blowjob and footjob

Video: Fetish: 4-12-18

Blowjob, Foot Fuck, Cum on Toes:
Boo massages my feet and makes my cunt horny! After fucking my perfect arches he shoots cum on my toes and I taste it!
(video length 11:23)

image: Real amateur mature fucking

Video: My Movies: 4-9-18

My Bald Cunt - Licked & Dicked:
Some more hot fucking for me in super sexy lingerie and heels! Boo licks, I suck, then we fuck - until he creams my tight cunt!
(video length 8:02)

image: Real amateur mature fucking

Video: My Movies: 4-6-18

Fucking Just for Us - or is it?:
You know how much I love when you watch me sucking, fucking and taking a huge load of cum all over my horny pussy!
(video length 12:37)

image: Stacie shares hard nipples and pumped up clit

Video: JOI: 4-4-18

Most Erect Nipples + Clit:
Pulling and tugging on my big nipples while pumping up my horny clitoris! Jack off for me and give me your cum please!
(video length 11:43)

image: Warrior fists handjob

Video: Fetish: 4-2-18

Superior Warrior - Veiny Handjob:
I know the power within my fists and I do whatever I want to any cock! Powerful grips and playful punches until I get cum!
(video length 14:53)

March 2018

image: beautiful naked wife

Pictures: 3-31-18

Sheer Beauty: Shimmering and sparkling while squatting on my big pink dildo! My see through chair offers a dream view of my wet cunt swallowing my dildo!
(52 picture set)

image: Taboo milf anal sex punishment

Video: My Movies: 3-29-18

MF - Butt Fuck Punishment:
Forcing Johnny to watch while I dildo my ass! Then I demand that he fuck my tight butthole! I believe in tough love!!
(video length 11:26)

image: Taboo milf panty sniffing punishment

Video: Strange: 3-27-18

MF - Panty Sniffing Punishment:
When I find Johnny sniffing my panties the punishment is long and painful! But the reality is - it's only the beginning...
(video length 9:09)

image: CFNM handjob in black fishnets

Video: Fetish: 3-25-18

CFNM Black Fishnets Handjob:
Softly and slowly stroking Boo's cock in my pretty new dress - until he shoots a big load of cum all over my black fishnets!
(video length 13:14)

image: Stacie and Avery sucking cock!

Video: My Movies: 3-22-18

Double Your Enjoyment Blowjob!!:
Avery's freaky side is shining through! We suck the guy's cocks then she gets underneath me for Boo's cum shot!
(video length 26:32)

image: Stacie and Avery riding dildos together

Video: JOI: 3-20-18

Cum on Our Buttholes:
Start stroking your cock while we ride our new dildos Jerkboy! When we bend over and spread - shoot our buttholes with cum!
(video length 10:06)

image: Stacie is eyelash fluttering while dick sucking again!

Video: My Movies: 3-18-18

Fluttering Lashes + Fast Facial:
I suck Boo's cock while I fluttering my long lashes - until he shoots cum in my mouth and on my face!! Then I flutter more!
(video length 5:22)

image: Mature Stacie orgasming

Video: My Movies: 3-16-18

My Mind Blowing Orgasm:
This new clit vibrator is amazing! For those of you who didn't get see me use it solo on spycam - introducing the Zumio!! I LOVE it!
(video length 12:39)

image: Cum on my pantyhose ass

Video: JOI: 3-14-18

Red Heels Dangling + Nylon Soles:
Three of my sexiest red heels dangling from my perfect pantyhose feet! Jack off - shoot my nylon ass and soles with cum!
(video length 9:00)

image: Taboo resting pantyhose foot job

Video: Fetish: 3-12-18

MF - Working MILF Resting Footjob:
After a long day at work, I just want to kick my feet up and rest on the couch! Johnny has other plans - that little fucker!
(video length 10:15)

image: Cum in my long shiny hair

Video: JOI: 3-9-18

Long Hair Lover's JOI: Stroke your cock for my lovely long hair! Help make my hair shiny and beautiful - squirt me with your incredible cock conditioner please!
(video length 10:26)

image: Stacie fucks her neighbor roleplay

Video: My Movies: 3-7-18

Divorcee Next Door: What's a horny divorcee to do when the dildos don't satisfy anymore! I invite my neighbor over to take care of all my pent up sexual needs!
(video length 12:18)

image: Kinkiest handjob revenge

Video: Fetish: 3-4-18

Payback is Such a BITCH!:
And sometimes so am I! Now that I've got Boo exactly where and how I want him, it's time to exact my revenge on his cock!!
(video length 13:07)

image: Alpha couple wants your cum

Video: JOI: 3-2-18

Prop for Your Pleasure - Boo Instructs:
Boo has me right where you want me and he happily instructs you on how to cover me with cum! Give me your cum Jerkboy!! Note: Payback for Boo will be a BITCH!
(video length 8:51)

February 2018

image: Crazywife in fishnet

Pictures: 2-28-18

CRAZY Fishnets: The request - big open mouth with fishnets! The result - crazy freaky fishnet face and holes in all the right places! I think you'll love it sweetheart!
(75 picture set)

image: Stacie sucks on Avery's long toes

Video: JOI: 2-26-18

Sucking Avery's Toes - Jack Off!: Licking her armpits and tonguing her deep belly button too! Really made me want to stick my tongue in other places! Stay tuned!!
Ask for more here: avery's email
(video length 11:10)

image: Stacie sits on Boo's face and licks it clean!

Video: Strange: 2-24-18

Best Seat in the House: Sometimes the only place I can get comfortable is on Boo's face! After rubbing my pussy and ass all over him, I lick his face clean!
(video length 7:18)

image: Suntan ankle nylons worn under clear high heels

Video: JOI: 2-22-18

Clear Heels + Ankle Nylons JOI:
An odd but sexy combo that you can't resist! Stroke while I tease with my high arches - cum between my shoes and soles!!
(video length 10:18)

image: Anal sex in white high tops

Video: My Movies: 2-20-18

Butt Fucking in High Top Sneakers:
Once my butthole is nice and warmed up, I let Boo shove his cock in and fuck me! Butt the anal creampie gets REALLY messy!
(video length 11:54)

image: Stacie and Avery pop balloons!

Video: Strange: 2-18-18

Anticipating the POP!!: Relieving our stress by playfully popping balloons! Beneath our heels and under my butt, I guess we'd better save some for the party!
(video length 9:45)

image: Wife in sexiest dress begs for cum in her butthole

Video: JOI: 2-16-18

Shoot My Butthole with Cum:
Wearing my sexiest dress for you and for the guy I'm gonna fuck next! Warm me up for my date - shoot my butthole with cum!
(video length 10:14)

image: Naked Valentine's Day milf with heart butt plug

Pictures: 2-14-18

Happy Valentine's Day: A pretty glass plug in my butt while I fuck my pussy with a lovely glass dildo! I'm doing everything to make you mine Mister!! Be my Valentine?
(54 picture set)

image: Stacie crushes Valentine's Day!

Video: Strange: 2-13-18

Bitchy Valentine Crush!: Be mine LOVER... blah, blah, blah! Lose yourself in my pink toes, high arches and clear heels - as I crush the fuck out of romance and love!
(video length 8:53)

image: Taboo roleplay fucking

Video: My Movies: 2-11-18

MF - Dick Slap, Don't Fuck: In a moment of weakness I allow Johnny to make me feel too good about myself! I said he could slap my pussy, not fuck it! It's too wrong!
(video length 16:18)

image: Mature wife sucking cock in 69 position

Video: My Movies: 2-8-18

Early Valentine 69: I can't wait until the 14th to give Boo one of his special gifts! I hop onto his face and suck his cock off while he eats my tight little pussy!
(video length 10:03)

image: Wife with butt plug and dildo wears sexy rht stockings

Video: JOI: 2-6-18

Sexy Stockings, Butt Plug + New Dildo:
Feeling super sexy in my rht nylons, garter belt and heels! Jack off like this while I pleasure my pussy and butthole!
(video length 12:07)

image: Mature wife gets fingered to orgasm

Video: My Movies: 2-4-18

Fingers + Dildo + Wand = Orgasm:
I really need an orgasm and I ask for help with it! Boo stimulates my cunt with his fingers and a dildo - until I cum HARD!
(video length 15:34)

image: Veiny mature feet stroking cock

Video: Fetish: 2-2-18

Oh So Fancy Footjob: My shimmery slip and sparkly shoes make me feel so frisky! I stroke Boo's cock with my incredible arches and toes until he shoots cum!
(video length 10:01)

January 2018

image: Avery and Stacie

Pictures: 1-31-18

Avery and Stacie: Half naked on the bed and teasing you with our sexy woman parts! These are Avery's very first amateur (almost) nudie pictures!
Ask for more here: avery's email
(43 picture set)

image: Mature wife fucking and huge creampie

Video: My Movies: 1-30-18

Best Birthday Creampie (4 Jim):
You're a wonderful member and here's your wish come true! Boo fucks me good and fills my cunt with cum! Drip...drip...drip...
(video length 11:53)

image: Mature wife cfnm veiny hand job

Video: Fetish: 1-28-18

CFNM Unique Techniques Handjob:
Although I want to grab on tight and stroke Boo's nice cock - I only polish and tickle while he struggles a bit to shoot his cum!
(video length 13:06)

image: Stacie's fishnet face cumshot

Video: Strange: 1-25-18

Freaky Fishnet Fucking: Head to toes fishnet except for my naughty lady bits and Boo takes advantage of that in a rough way! Then he shoots cum on my fishnet face!
(video length 9:13)

image: Two women tickling bare feet

Video: Strange: 1-23-18

Feet Tickling in Panties:
Topless feet tickling for me and Avery! She enjoys torturing me way too much and I pay special feather attention to her toes!!
Ask for more here: avery's email
(video length 7:16)

image: Stacie shakes her small tits

Video: JOI: 1-21-18

Best Little Tits JOI: Shaking, bouncing, dangling and pulling on my sweet tiny tits for you! Stroke your cock just like this and shoot your cum all over my titties!
(video length 9:47)

image: Wife enjoys sucking dick in panties

Video: My Movies: 1-19-18

Red Toes + Cum Slurp Blowjob:
Sucking Boo's cock off in my panties while giving you a view of my perfect feet! Then I swallow his cum and lick some off my toes!!
(video length 8:55)

image: Stacie's naked stretching photos

Pictures: 1-17-18

Stretching Out: Stretching every inch of my naked little body for you! It feels so good, especially when I stretch out my tight pussy with my new extra fat dildo!
(56 picture set)

image: Stacie's veiny mature feet stroking cock

Video: Fetish: 1-15-18

Tight Jeans Footjob: The perfect red polish on my toes while I step down and stroke Boo's cock with my amazing feet! After I make him cum - I taste it off my toes!
(video length 11:22)

image: Stacie is stretching and spreading bald pussy

Video: JOI: 1-13-18

Naked Stretching, Bald Pussy + Red Toes:
Jack off for me while I stretch naked and show off every inch of my skinny body! Stroke like this and shoot me with cum!
(video length 8:05)

image: Taboo role play ass fucking

Video: My Movies: 1-10-18

AF - Joy of Butt Fucking:
I drop by to visit with Robby and I end up teaching him about anal sex! I don't want him to think I play favorites with Johnny!!
(video length 17:52)

image: Sculpted feet with bulging veins and sky high arches

Video: Strange: 1-8-18

Clear Heels & Kryptonite Toes:
Also my big blue bulging veins + baby oil - my feet are out of this world! This clip has everything you wanted plus more...
(video length 8:24)

image: Stacie strokes cock for cum

Video: Fetish: 1-6-18

Nipple Sucking + Cock Stroking:
Stroking Boo's cock while he sucks and bites my hard nipples! It's really been too long since I felt his cum on my tits!!
(video length 9:31)

image: Stacie fucks alien cock

Video: Strange: 1-4-18

The Alien Cock: This thing just might be crazier than I am! All alone while orgasming with my new alien cock! I can't wait to impregnate myself with alien eggs soon!!!
(video length 16:49)

image: Naked Stacie begs for cock and cum

Video: JOI: 1-1-18

Miss Your Nice Cock: Before you go I just want you to know - I'm really gonna miss you! Jack off for me, point your cock at me and cover me with cum please!
(video length 11:48)

December 2017

image: Mature wife hard fucking and creampie

Video: my movies: 12-29-17

Extremely Hard Fucking + Creampie:
I ride Boo's cock like crazy, then he bends me over and fucks me really hard - until he fills my horny cunt with cum!
(video length 9:49)

image: Avery's sexy orgasm

Video: my movies: 12-27-17

Avery's 1st Magic Wand Orgasm:
I give all the women in my life a Wand, but Avery's the first one to film an orgasm with it! She fucks the dildo I gave her too!
Ask for more here: avery's email
(video length 6:49)

image: Stacie and Avery xxxmas tits and ass

Pictures: 12-25-17

Merry Christmas: Getting you in the xxxmas spirit! We're trying our very best to be nice not naughty, but it's okay either way - Santa always joyously cums for us!
Ask for more here: avery's email
(50 picture set)

image: Kinky wife pulled back blowjob

Video: my movies: 12-23-17

Better to Give - Pulled Back BJ:
On the naughty list again - I can't help my kinky self! I'm in the mood to give Boo an early gift and to receive his cum!
(video length 9:39)

image: Stacie begs for your cum for xxxmas

Video: JOI: 12-20-17

Naughty JOI - Stacie: I'm definitely on the naughty list this year, so jack off while I enjoy the gift you've given me! Now squirt my cunt with your hot cum!
(video length 14:11)

image: Avery begs for your cum for xxxmas

Video: JOI: 12-20-17

Nice JOI - Avery: Angelic Avery makes the nice list and wants your cum for xxxmas! Stroke your cock exactly how she instructs you - then shoot cum in her open mouth!
Ask for more here: avery's email
(video length 7:36)

image: Ugly xxxmas sweater handjob

Video: fetish: 12-18-17

Ugliest XXXmas Sweater HJ: HO HO HO! We would win ANY holiday contest with this one and the wreath around Boo's cock makes the season bright! This HO swallows!!
(video length 14:58)

image: Jack off for boss lady or lose your job!

Video: JOI: 12-16-17

Jacking for Your Job!: Today you must prove that you're a team player! If I'm not impressed with your performance and your cumload then you will lose your job!
(video length 12:49)

image: CFNM bitchy boss blowjob and facial

Video: my movies: 12-14-17

Bitchy Boss Facial in Glasses:
This slacker attitude will cost Bob his job if he doesn't shape up! After a stern talk and hard cock sucking - he'd better change!
(video length 12:45)

image: Stacie worships pantyhose feet

Video: strange: 12-12-17

Pantyhose Foot Worship: I have too much fun with Avery's sweet little feet! Licking and sucking - then rubbing my pussy on them! She wants to fuck me with her feet!
Ask for more here: avery's email
(video length 8:07)

image: Mature Ant Stacie taboo fucking

Video: my movies: 12-10-17

AF - Alone with Stacie Fucking:
Looking after Johnny all week while his parents are gone and I make sure to spend quality time - it does not feel wrong!!
(video length 14:09)

image: Aunt Stacie wants your cum

Video: JOI: 12-8-17

AF - Alone with Stacie JOI:
I'm in charge this week and we're gonna have so much fun! Make me happy - stroke like this and shoot cum on my cunt!!
(video length 13:16)

image: Taboo pantyhose footjob with cumshot

Video: fetish: 12-5-17

MF - Reinforced Toes Pantyhose FJ:
Johnny massages my aching feet so he can use the car, but I take extra precautions so there's no sex in the back seat!
(video length 13:12)

image: Mature Stacie fucks a poweful dildo

Video: my movies: 12-3-17

Home Alone and Horny Again:
What's a girl to do? Grab my super rabbit and fuck my pussy until I have an intense orgasm! Sometimes I love being alone!
(video length 12:00)

image: Stacie sits on his chest and strokes his cock in pantyhose

Video: fetish: 12-1-17

Chest Sitting Handjob in Pantyhose:
A slow, fun process of stroking Boo's cock and massaging his balls! It almost feels like torture - until I finally force his cum!
(video length 16:42)

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