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About Spycam

I have decided to add a SpyCam to my website. I am inviting you into my life, even more than I already have. Yes this is a live stream from my home. What you see is personal and real. I have my spycam set up on my ipad so I can move it around anywhere. I take my spycam in the shower with the sound on. Yes I do masturbate in there - a shower head massager can be a girl's best friend...FUCK diamonds!! You can even watch me film my videos, behind the scenes. I take spycam with me on location to shoot all my naughty content. I might turn it on when I'm having wild sex with Boo or playing with my pussy for you! You just might see me working at my PC, or relaxing on the sofa. It's Stacie TV... What! You see me but there is no sound? Sometimes I will turn the sound off, I can't let you hear all of my dirty little secrets. Or can I? If you are unable to view me, then spycam is most likley off. In this case you will receive a message - Stream not found:stream Sorry, I am probably sleeping...
Rest assured I will turn SpyCam back on as soon as possible.
So just chill... It's SpyCam!

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